Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

Cosmo likes to help

Cosmo likes to sit on my lap while I read LiveJournal. He starts out well-behaved, but before much time has gone by, a paw creeps out and starts edging up onto the keyboard. And since the space bar is closest to him, and that serves as "page down" while browsing...

If this cat could speak English, the most common phrase in his vocabulary would be "Someone's getting attention, and it's not Cosmo!" It doesn't matter whether it's his brother (Nemo), the bird (Buckminster), or the human (spiritualmonkey). I think he's realized that when he hits the space bar, I yank my attention away from the screen I was reading and start paying attention to him. Admittedly, it's attention of the "cut that out, cat!" kind, but it's attention nonetheless...

Sorry about the picture quality - I took it with the camera phone held at arm's length, so I'm glad it turned out at all well. I tweaked it a little in GIMP, but since I'm an utter novice when it comes to graphics, I could only improve it so far.

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