Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

want a year of free Flexcar membership?

Now that the 'Amry is dead, spiritualmonkey and I have been exploring our options for getting around. We've been walking a lot (wow, do I need new shoes with better soles and arch support) and taking the bus a lot, but those don't help if one needs to, for instance, go to the Costco in Richmond to stock up on a year's supply of paper towels and fish oil capsules. Mooching rides off friends gets old fast, so we've also signed up for Flexcar membership.

Flexcar recently sent me an email with a "friends and family" offer — sign up using the promo code given and get a year's free membership (normally $35). If you'd like one, drop me a note or comment here. Comments are screened so you can leave an email address without letting the whole world see it. (Because, of course, the whole world reads my LJ regularly and diligently. Hah.)

On the topic of buses, I'm finding that having a monthly bus pass (unlimited rides for 31 days) makes a big difference. It means I can shift from a mindset of "how can I do this trip in an hour and a half and only 2 bus rides?" (because that's how long a transfer is valid) to "hmmm... I think I'll hop off the bus here, run an errand, hop back on a different bus line, get off to visit a friend, get on yet another line to go home... no, wait, maybe I'll keep going. Where's that bus line end up?" *grin*
Tags: flexcar, oakland, transit

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