Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

kids today... pretty decent, overall

...no matter what impression mass media may have given you.

Tomorrow will mark three weeks since the bookcase fell on my foot. Of that time, two weeks were spent on crutches, and I'm currently using my cane. (I never thought I'd see the day when I'd consider the cane an improvement over something else, but crutches are a whole 'nother story.)

Since we're carfree, I've been getting around primarily by bus, and have been getting a first-hand look at how my fellow bus-riders respond when someone with impaired mobility gets on the bus. Does somebody yield a seat, or do I have to stand there, unsteadily clutching my cane/crutches, trying not to fall over?

I've lost track of how many junior-high and high-school kids have seen me slowly hobbling onto the bus and hopped up out of their seats, asking me "would you like to sit down?"

And the only time I've been unable to get a seat, the people who were resolutely Not Seeing Me were without question adults, well into middle age.

What's wrong with the youth of today? I dunno — what's wrong with the adults?

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