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a joint announcement: if you're having Movie Night...

spiritualmonkey and lexica510 would like to go on record as having less than zero interest in watching movies about
  • Families breaking up, acrimoniously or not, especially if there are children (lived it, don't want to revisit it), or
  • Couples parted by Alzheimer's in the twilight of life (don't want to live it, no desire to preview it).
So if you're having a Movie Night and planning to show The Ice Storm or The Squid and the Whale or The Notebook or Away From Her...

...well, we'll be over here watching Tremors (all of 'em), House of Flying Daggers, and Strictly Ballroom.

If bleak and heartbreaking is your thing, go for it. But if you'd rather, y'know, have some fun with your movies, please join us.

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