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winter is the dry season

Different people have different kinds of "dead soldiers":
winter is the dry season

Apparently spiritualmonkey has been snickering at me (sotto voce, obviously) for saving all these empty lotion bottles, thinking that the Yankee family values were manifesting irrationally. Next thing you know I'll be saving bits of string and scraps of used aluminum foil, right?

Well. Take the above-shown six empty lotion bottles, add a utility knife and a rubber (actually silicone) scraper from the kitchen, and you get this:
tub of lotion

That's 12 ounces (by weight) of lotion, from six supposedly "empty" lotion bottles. At 65 cents an ounce, that comes to $7.80 worth of lotion.

Laugh while you can all you want, monkey-boy.
Tags: frugality, skincare, the monkey, winter

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