Lexica (lexica510) wrote,

capsaicin is a sign the Universe loves us

Some people say chocolate is a sign that God loves us, but I say it's capsaicin. Especially when it comes in this form:

(Skip the Salon-Pas menthol patches — they're completely ineffective, in my experience.)

I've been having a lot of lower back pain recently — more aftereffects of my foot injury. "But Lexi," you ask, "how do you know this is a result of your foot injury, and isn't a flare-up of your previous back trouble? Maybe you're blaming the wrong thing." Well, all my previous back trouble, for the 15 years I've been dealing with it off-and-on, was on the left. Plus, over those 15 years, I've learned how to take care of it (good posture, careful when lifting, regular exercise program designed to strengthen and protect bad backs, that sort of thing). The new pain, which developed after I'd spent 2 weeks on crutches, is on the right side, and is in a different place in my lower back. It's also been spreading down my leg, with sharp, shooting pains through the lower back and in the gluteus, and pain in my calf that feels like it's been seriously overworked.

Acupuncture last Saturday and again this Saturday. And I just got a referral to Physical Therapy from my doc at Kaiser, which I'm hoping will help. That appointment isn't until next Friday, though.

Grumble. It's more than five months since the injury, and I'm still dealing with pain and inconvenience on a daily basis. Not to mention the frustration of listening to the monkey enthusing about his new kettlebell workout routine. I'd love to be able to start working out with the kettlebell, but not until my back is better.

I am, of course, filing an insurance claim against the company whose workmen were responsible for my injury. That's what liability insurance is for, after all. The claim representative sent me a letter in December saying "we haven't received the release form for your medical records; if I don't hear from you by January 4 I'll assume you're not filing a claim."

Oh, no. No, no, no. I faxed back a letter saying "the reason you haven't received the release form is because it's FIVE MONTHS LATER and I'm STILL BEING TREATED for the injury." What good would it do to send them a release form, knowing I'd have to keep sending supplemental ones? "Oh, and here's a release and my acupuncturist's contact info. Oh, plus here's one for the Podiatry referral. And now here's one for the Physical Therapy referral. And are we going to need to get a chiropractor involved too?" Plus I'm not signing any kind of waiver or release of liability until I'm more confident that there won't be further problems.

Need to pick up more Salon-Pas on the way home.

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