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Oakland/Berkeley food-related heads-up: if you like Champa Garden...

...and you buy groceries at the Berkeley Bowl, be sure to check the back of your receipt — one of the coupons currently running is for 25% off at Champa Garden. It's a little confusing, and I'm not quite sure what the line "Mon-Thurs 9:30-3:00, Fri-Sun to 10:30" means; is it valid only for weekday lunch and weekend early-early lunch? I don't think they're even open at 9:30. One would want to ask about it before ordering, to be prudent. I'll try to report back if the monkey and I wind up using the coupon.

In other food news, I picked up 4 pounds of key limes from the bargain produce shelves at the Berkeley Bowl for $0.69 and am planning to spend the afternoon zesting and juicing them for freezing. Also a head of orange cauliflower, which will get roasted. I love the bargain produce table.

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