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There were never any "good old days" — they are today, they are tomorrow
If you do your spring cleaning early, does spring get here faster? 
16th-Jan-2006 09:39 pm
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spiritualmonkey and I spent much of yesterday and today decluttering and rearranging furniture. More things need to get shifted around, especially since we're still figuring out how to accomodate the new-to-us G4 cube. We didn't have enough space to begin with, so adding a whole 'nother computer is a bit of a challenge.

I get frustrated by how cluttered this place gets, but I try to remind myself that for Americans, we really don't have all that much stuff – we just live in a small one-bedroom apartment with inadequate storage. After my mom died, I had to sort through and dispose of all her stuff, so really I've managed to distill a three-bedroom house plus a solidly-packed one-bedroom apartment into an even smaller one-bedroom. Not bad, considering.

Plus the bird takes up way more space than seems reasonable for a creature of her size. The cats fit in and around the monkeys fine, so long as we make space for their food dishes and the litterbox. The bird, on the other hand, gets a roughly 7'x5' section of the living room just for her cage and the linoleum it stands on. And she still manages to spread feathers and crumbs of bird kibble all over the apartment. It's amazing.

So the most successful approach for us seems to be making the most efficient use of what little space we have. We're still trying to get rid of more stuff, though. Anyone want a home Pilates machine, cheap? It works fine, it just takes up more space than we're willing to continue giving it. Holding on to the motorcycle helmets for now, in hopes of cadging a ride from tongodeon or matrushkaka once spring arrives and the weather gets nice.

And in case spring doesn't get here any quicker as a result of cleaning, I've upped my time in front of the light box to half an hour each morning, which seems to be helping. I'm trying to refrain from kicking myself too hard for not starting to use the light earlier this year, and have instead marked the autumnal equinox on the calendar as "start light box now!"

Winter, bah. Want warmth and light and fresh air and green growing things and blooming plants and birds building nests. Going to go retreat under the down comforter and hope for dreams of Jamaica...
17th-Jan-2006 11:40 am (UTC)
Yes, actually I would like a home Pilates machine, even though I am roughly in the same boat you are; moved from 2000 sq ft house into small one bedroom apartment with minimal storage. I've gotten rid of bunches of stuff, and continue to get rid of more. But still, if I had any idea of how to get it from there to here, I'd still go for it.
17th-Jan-2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
If you have room for it, I'm sure we can find a way to get it to you. UPS bulk rate, USPS, something like that.

It even comes with the wall chart showing the exercises and the instructional video... :-)
17th-Jan-2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
You know, after I wrote that, I got to thinking about the Frontsight trip in April. I think Houston is driving to Las Vegas from Berkeley and I'll be driving down to Las Vegas from Salt Lake. We should maybe talk on the phone some time. You guys want to come blast paper targets with us?
17th-Jan-2006 10:11 pm (UTC)
That's funny. We spent the weekend in SF cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, including climbing a ladder to sponge bleach on the bathroom ceiling to kill a colony of mold living up there and threatening to leap down and attack us whhile we showered. I really canot stand clutter, so I go through my things every 6 months or so and give stuff to Goodwill.

In LA, we're faced with the space dilemma. We're renting a room in a house and only get the bedroom to ourselves, and it also doubles as my office, so the less clutter, the better. Luckily, there are tall ceilings in the bedroom, and a storage loft was built high up, which is REALLY handy for storing lots of not-used-much items.

BTW, I don't take passengers; makes me too damn nervous. But you're welcome to be tongodeon's bitch anytime. :)
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