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the challenges of finding good plain yogurt

I love plain yogurt. Yes, nasty sour plain unsweetened unflavored yogurt — yum. It's part of growing up Northern Californian, I think. The #1 favored topping for pancakes and waffles in my family is plain yogurt with Grade B maple syrup. The tanginess of the yogurt with the sweetness and richness of the maple syrup, on top of the toasty nuttiness of a good pancake or waffle — with a cup of good coffee, that's close to heaven.

But it can be tough to find decent plain yogurt, especially in these days of low-fat, no-fat, over-sweetened, gelatin-added, aspartame-containing, on-the-go-for-your-busy-lifestyle ersatz yogurt-like products. (And I don't care if yogurt wants me, I don't want it — not that kind, at least. And I don't have a master's degree, and my hoodies tend to be black, btw.)

I picked up some Straus yogurt at the Berkeley Bowl and was pleased with the creaminess but disappointed by the lack of sourness. Next I got some Mountain High, which tends to be sourer, and mixed some into the Straus in hopes that it will make it a bit tarter.

And as I was mixing the yogurts together, I thought about homemade yogurt, and about how people who make yogurt at home say that one problem they have is that the yogurt gets progressively sourer and sourer with each batch, until they wind up tossing the old stuff and beginning again with a fresh starter from a bought tub of yogurt.

Wait a sec...

I can't seem to buy yogurt as sour as I like it.

People who make yogurt at home have problems with their yogurt getting TOO sour.

When it comes to sourness, I am a genetic freak who used to peel and eat lemons as if they were oranges. I suck on lime wedges and smile. The monkey cringes to watch me.

You put these three things together... hey now!

*opens a new browser tab to search for info on making yogurt at home*
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