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dear yesterday's barista: coffee and chai should not be mixed

One advantage of being a regular is that when you say, "Hey, the barista yesterday somehow got confused while making my drink, and it wound up being a bizarre mix of coffee and chai that was really undrinkable — if I could get this one comped, I'd really appreciate it" they say "Oh, sure — sorry about that!" instead of thinking you're somehow trying to scam them and giving you the hairy eyeball.

Honestly, I would have come back to deal with it yesterday, but I went from picking up my coffee right into a two-hour meeting.

It's odd how spiced coffee can be delicious — Crixa Cakes in Berkeley has a spiced coffee that's lovely iced in hot weather (wish I could remember the name; guess I need to stop by Crixa some time soon) — but the coffee-chai hybrid from yesterday was not nice at all.
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