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the life of Riley

I wonder if the cat realizes that he's at the age where I'm willing to give him just about anything he wants. In the past, if he had yowled for dinner at 9:30 at night, I would have ignored him and the monkey would probably have mocked him: "See these, cat?" *waves thumbs* "Know what these are? They're the reason I get to decide what time dinner is and you don't!"

These days?

Dinner? Of course. Let me clear away the half-eaten remains of your earlier meal and open another packet of the (really flipping expensive) prescription low-protein cat food that (thankfully) you seem to like so much.

A little catnip aperitif, perhaps? Laser pointer? Stroll onto the magazine I'm reading and lie down?

No problem, your majesty.

Tags: cats, the monkey

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