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time to do a little surgery on my undergarments

I got frustrated this morning and took a pair of embroidery scissors to one of my bras. A few careful snips later, it's now underwire-free and ever so much more comfortable. I think I'm going to go remove the underwires from all my other bras.

Some people — mostly bra fitters — insist that an underwire in a bra is essential for any woman, even if she has small breasts. They make various arguments for this position, but I think that deep down it's a case of "I have to suffer with this damn wire digging into my ribs, and you should too."


Large-breasted women get to do cleavage and have to put up with the discomfort of underwires. Small-breasted women don't get to do cleavage, but we get to go without underwires if we want to.

And messenger bags. We get to wear messenger bags with cross-chest straps.

Hey, I believe in silver linings.
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