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Benefits Of Green Tea In Reducing An Important Risk Factor For Heart Disease

Since I know many — most? — of the people I know are beginning to be increasingly aware of health issues as they get older (hey, I resemble that remark), I'll probably be posting more pointers to health research I find interesting.

Sadly, I don't have a copy of the "tea, dammit" userpic.
More evidence for the beneficial effect of green tea on risk factors for heart disease has emerged in a new study. The study found that the consumption of green tea rapidly improves the function of (endothelial) cells lining the circulatory system; endothelial dysfunction is a key event in the progression of atherosclerosis.

Results showed that endothelium-dependent brachial artery dilatation increased significantly after drinking green tea, with a peak increase of 3.9 per cent 30 minutes after consumption. The effect of caffeine consumption (or hot water) was not significant.

While black tea has been associated with improved short and long-term endothelial performance, this is the first time that green tea has been shown to have a short-term beneficial effect on the large arteries. Another study has already shown that green tea reverses endothelial dysfunction in smokers.

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