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Delirious on a Sunday morning

This is a test, this is only a test — well, kind of. Pirate and I are trying to figure out some of the fiddly details of Clipmarks/LiveJournal integration.

So as an excuse, here's the video for "Delirious", the first song from Luka Bloom's debut album Riverside. *grin* I've been lucky enough to see him live a couple of times and have always been blown away by his performance. I'm sorry, one person can't get that much sound out of one guitar. Just not possible.

And, in fact, he's had to change his playing style since then. From the Wikipedia article on him:
Luka Bloom's style of guitar playing is very distinctive and is generally referred to as 'electro-acoustic'. In his early career as Barry Moore, Bloom used a fingerpicking style. However, tendinitis in his hands forced him to adopt a strumming style which is the one he still uses and is often credited with his success.
Tendinitis, you say? *sigh*

The thing about tendinitis is it's one of those non-diagnosis diagnoses. It's as if you went to your doctor and said, "Doctor, I have this terrible pain in my head. What is it?"

And your doctor steeples their fingers together, looks at you knowledgably over them, and says, "Ah, yes, you have what we call a headache."

That's not a diagnosis, that's a description of symptoms!

Now I'm having thoughts about mailing him a copy of Pain Free. Luka, dude, if it works, I don't need thanks or compensation of any kind — just put "Delirious" back into regular rotation on the setlist.

Oh, and front-row tickets wouldn't be sneered at. *grin*
clipped from www.youtube.com
Music video for Luka Bloom's "Delirious", from his cd Riverside.
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