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if you don't patronize businesses you find ethically troubling, you're a bully!

There's an article in the New York Times today, Donation to Same-Sex Marriage Foes Brings Boycott Calls. Apparently the owner of two hotels in the San Diego area has donated $125,000 "to support the collection of signatures to qualify the initiative [Proposition 8], which would amend the state’s Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage, for the November ballot".

As one might expect, many people on the pro-Prop-8/anti-same-sex-marriage side (that's too long to keep typing, so for the purposes of this post, I'll refer to them as "homophobes", for short) are in favor of this donation. People on the anti-Prop-8/pro-same-sex-marriage side are not, and are calling for a boycott of his hotels.

According to the homophobes, this is unacceptable:
The hotel boycott has been framed by supporters of the ballot initiative as intimidation of those who express their political views.

On Tuesday, Brian S. Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage California, a group supporting Proposition 8, sent out an e-mail message warning of the boycott, calling it a "bullying" tactic.
So if I say, "I think what this business/this business's owner is doing is wrong and I don't want to support it by giving them my money", I'm being a bully? Or is it only when I tell other people, "Hey, this business does [x, y, and z], which you consider morally and ethically wrong. If you didn't know that, at least now you can make an informed choice" that I'm being a bully?

The mind boggles.

Gee, I'd better not let people know that I boycott McDonald's because I disapprove of their practices — oh, and there's Wal-Mart, and Monsanto, and Domino's, and... oh, wherever will I find the money to be able to patronize all these businesses so I don't get accused of bullying? Guess I'd better stop shopping at the locally-owned small businesses I prefer and redirect my money to the big guys.
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