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There were never any "good old days" — they are today, they are tomorrow
Feminine hygiene: doing it wrong and doing it right 
29th-Jul-2008 05:48 pm
too much information
Thanks [?] to Jezebel, I just became aware of the latest completely unnecessary, girl-parts-are-icky invention.

A vulvar deodorant system comprises a tampon for insertion into the vagina and a device for retaining a dedorant. A string or other article is connected to the tampon and to the deodorant retaining device for suspending this retaining device and a deodorant retained thereby outside of the vagina and at a distance therefrom, when the tampon is inserted in the vagina.

Vulvar deodorant system William Stephen Bossak

Vulvar deodorant system William Stephen Bossak

Vulvar deodorant system William Stephen Bossak

And I'm trying not to get snarky about "you notice it's designed by a man..."

Oops. Failed on the not-snarky front.

Am I the only woman who's been utterly fed up with floral-patterned feminine hygiene packaging ever since the day in 5th grade when the boys got shuffled off into another room (I have no idea what they discussed) and the girls got That Talk about the Joys of Being a Woman?

Instead of that bit of horribleness, if you'd like products that are designed to actually benefit the fun girly bits, may I suggest the Bidet in a Bottle from SweetSpot Labs?

So what makes the products from SweetSpot Labs so different from all the other feminine hygiene products out there? For one thing, they're pH balanced. Why does that matter? From their FAQ:
The pH is organic in nature and is the measure of acidity. To keep bacteria at bay and maintain health, the pH of the sweet spot must stay at approximately the mid-4 range, which means any product whose pH exceeds that level could potentially compromise sweet spot health. This includes body washes, shampoos, or other products that are pH balanced for specific body parts. There's a big difference between what's good for your skin, your feet, and your sweet spot. Mild ingredients and a simplified formula are ideal.
And you don't want to use soap, because
Soap in its true form, not altered, and what most bar products at market are today, has an inherent pH of 10 and is not comprised of what SweetSpot Labs would consider gentle cleansers. Underarms, body, hands, feet, etc can handle it. But your more intimate, sensitive anatomy is not designed to be challenged like that daily. We are advocates of not tipping the scale so dramatically. Washes are not "soap" and within the list of ingredient options, there are milder ingredients to choose from based on function and body part. And in combination with other ingredients that calm, sooth, replenish, etc, it alters functionality too. This must be differentiated when addressing that question. SweetSpot Labs' gentle wash is not soap. It is available without fragrance or color. It blends the mildest of cleansers with soothing botanicals and skin conditioners.

I've been using the SweetSpot Labs products for going on three years now, and have nothing but good things to say about them.

Monkey, care to chime in with your opinion of their products?
30th-Jul-2008 04:52 pm (UTC)
As a man who lives by the creed Cunnilingus makes a man strong, wise, and live longer, Sweet Spot Labs 0wnz.

The portable wipes are awesome. Because sometimes a couple find themselves in an otherwise secluded place, suddenly a little impromptu cunnilingus feels appropriate, wipety-wipe, and *BAM* Snack-time!

Srsly, ladies. This stuff is tha' shizzle. Stop perfuming your intimates and buying into the "girl bits are nasty" propaganda. Try keeping them normal and healthy instead. The results are delicious!

Plus, at that point your man has NO EXCUSE not to go down on you and if he still won't, you can dump him now and find someone interested in more than his own satisfaction rather than waste your time thinking Mr Sure-I'd-Love-A-Blowjob-But-I-Don't-Eat-Pussy will somehow come around. Fuck that noise.
30th-Jul-2008 05:01 pm (UTC) - Just wrote a comment then realized I misread a bit of it...
Thank god for something that is considerate and does not mess with PH.

Nice last line, P. LOL.
18th-Aug-2008 05:53 pm (UTC)
You've definitely got me thinking! I'm not in love with some of the ingredients (I'm one of the inheritors of wicked-sensitive skin, etc.), but the concept is fabulous! I think I can mix up my own version with stuff I know my body likes and see what happens!

Appropos of Ph ... did you know you can make your own litmus paper with a red cabbage and coffee filters? (It's good being married to someone who teaches people to teach science!) http://www.ipse.psu.edu/activities/paper/red_cabbage.pdf
18th-Aug-2008 11:14 pm (UTC)
cunnilingus is next to godilingus, I always say.
19th-Aug-2008 12:37 am (UTC) - yay happy washes
Here's my comment:

Intimate wash = WIN
as someone who has to spend all day in sweaty dance clothes, I found this to be a lifesaver.

However; sweetspot seems to be selling for... $12 for one little bottle...

And Walgreens has this for $4:

I love it (and no, it doesn't leave you smelling like "delicate blossom" or whatever the fuck; the scent is gone once you rinse.
But man; it helps with happy balance on the external bits; especially awesome for post-sex quick wash.
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